Judith Schwarz

Associate Dean, Academic, Visual Art & Art History Judith is a co-lead of eLearning @ AMPD with David Gelb and Michael Longford supported by the Academic Innovation Fund at York University. She is a nationally-recognized artist whose work is found in public and private collections across Canada. Judith has taught sculpture and drawing at both the …

David Gelb

Associate Professor, Department of Design David Gelb is a co-lead of eLearning @ AMPD with Judith Schwarz and Michael Longford supported by the Academic Innovation Fund at York University. David’s research is focused on both design and education. His pedagogic work examines the way that participatory technologies augment design learning with particular emphasis on artefact collaboration and …

Wendy Siuyi Wong

Professor, Design Wendy Siuyi Wong has established an international reputation as an expert in Chinese graphic design history and Chinese comic art history. She is the author of Hong Kong Comics: A History of Manhua, published by Princeton Architectural Press, four books for Chinese readers, and numerous articles in academic and trade journals.

Chris Ironside

Part-time Contract Faculty, Visual Art & Art History Chris is a Toronto-based artist dealing in the currency of gay images. He draws and photographs, decontextualizes song lyrics and glitters with aplomb. He exhibits his drawings and photographs throughout North America. Recent commissions, publications and exhibitions include Headmaster Magazine, C Magazine, Four Eleven Gallery in Provincetown …

Michael Longford

Associate Professor, Computational Arts Michael Longford is the Director of Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology in the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design. He is a co-lead of eLearning @ AMPD with Judith Schwarz and David Gelb supported by the Academic Innovation Fund at York University. His research interests include the history …

Joel Ong

Assistant Professor, Computational Arts Joel is a media artist whose works connect scientific and artistic approaches to the environment, particularly with respect to sound and physical space. His works have been presented in multiple venues and festivals internationally. He is teaching the blended course Fundamentals of Digital Media Studies.  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed …

Brian Grosskurth

Associate Professor, Visual Art & Art History Brian’s research focuses on modern and contemporary art history and theory. His current research interests includes work on contemporary art and philosophy, contemporary public sculpture and the relations between the arts during the Romantic era. His blended course 19th Century Western Art features face-to-face lectures with Moodle as the subsidiary online component …

Ian Garrett

Associate Professor, Theatre

Ian Garrett is designer, producer, educator, and researcher in the field of sustainability in arts and culture. His fully online courses utilize YouTube videos for course lectures and Slack messenger for discussion. Ian is the co-founder and director of the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts (CSPA), a leader in the conversation on sustainability and the arts.

Gillian Helfield

Gillian Helfield is the recipient of the 2015-2016 AMPD eLearning Award for her Film course Hollywood: Old and New. Prior to teaching, Gillian worked in the Canadian film and television industry as a production coordinator and production manager.

Shelley Hornstein

Shelley Hornstein is the recipient of the 2013-2014 AMPD eLearning Award for her Art History course Memory and Place. Her research explores the intersection of memory and place in architectural and urban sites.