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eClass is York’s LMS (learning management system). New to eClass? Check out this guide for First Time eClass Users. eClass also has a great set of FAQs and resources to help support students.

If you are experiencing a problem with eClass: submit a service request to or visit Student Computing.

For content-related inquiries specific to your course, please contact your professor or TA.

Internet Access

Ensure you have a reliable internet access to stay up to date with the course content, information, and announcements. Keep your device plugged into a power source during timed activities.

Technical Requirements

Remember to clarify the technical requirements needed to access the course material or to attend the online exam with your instructor. (E.g. Requirements for certain browsers, software or apps).

Back Up Your Files

Do not forget to save and back up your files or assignments regularly. Backing up your files or data helps you to mitigate your stress if you encounter hardware failure, maleware issues or other technical glitches.

See below for other questions and helpful tips!

Online Learning Protocol for York University Students

With an increasing emphasis on providing access to digital course material, and the move to all online courses necessitated by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for students to understand how to use online learning technology as well as how to make the best of use of it while protecting security and privacy for themselves and others.

York University has developed best practices and protocols to support you in your online learning success. Similar protocols have also been provided to York University staff and instructors. Visit for more information.

More tips for eLearning success

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Keep a Designated Study Space

Choose a comfortable study area that is free from outside noises and interruptions. Inform your family members or roommates that you are taking an online course to avoid interruptions during your study. Try to work during a distraction-free time of the day.

Participate in Class Discussion Forums

If your online course allows group interactions, engage in conversation text with your classmates. Staying engaged can help you better understand the course content and may even earn you participation grades.

Eliminate Distractions

Isolate yourself from distractions. Turn off receiving notifications in your phone, sign out from social media platforms, close all internet tabs that are not related to the course you are studying.

Create Study Calendar and Plan Your Assignments

Make a study schedule for each course. Break big tasks into smaller ones. Then, anticipate how long the task will take. Finally, set and write down due dates for each task. Create a specified goal for each study session to help you stay focused.

Use Student Resources

Use the online resources avaliable to you (E.g. Library online resources, A-Z learning services (online services including tutoring, science drop-in, writing drop-in).

Take Breaks

Give yourself small breaks to avoid consequences of staring at the computer monitor for a long time or sitting in other positions for extended periods. If you feel exhausted or lose concentration, take a break!

Stay Healthy

Eat well, stay hydrated and get good sleep.

How do I change Text Editor to add visuals, media, and font options?

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Click your name (upper-right) > Edit Profile > Preferences > Editor Preferences > Select “Tiny MCE”

How come my audio/video won't upload?

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If you’re sharing a video or audio, try to upload in .mp4 or .mp3 files (100 mb).

How do I avoid copyright issues?

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If you are posting an image or video that is not your own work, always acknowledge the source!

How come I cannot play a lecture recording?

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If the lecture recording does not play, try using a different browser – preferred browsers are Google Chrome and Firefox.

How come I cannot open a course document?

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If you are not able to open course documents that have been downloaded, you may be missing the correct software. Visit to see a wide variety of discounted and free software downloads!

How come I was logged out of eClass? It didn't save my work!

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eClass has an idle timeout of 4 hours. If you are inactive for 4 hours, you will be logged out and unsaved work may be lost due to inactivity – always back up your work!


Other eLearning @ AMPD Resources

Teaching Commons Resources

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eLearning at AMPD has worked closely with the Teaching Commons to develop blended and online courses. Check out their Student Guide to eLearning at York University, which provides advice, resources, and information about what to expect in your online course and what you’ll need to be a successful online learner.

Another great resource is SPARK – Student Papers & Academic Research Kit. SPARK is a guide to writing successful academic papers – check out their 8-10 minute modules that focus on research, writing, and learning.

Tips for succeeding in your blended or online course

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  • Have the right expectations – Be ready to put in the same amount of work as you would for a face-to-face course!
  • Time management – Stay on top of your readings and projects! Check the course syllabus/outline and put important dates/deadlines in your calendar.
  • Check eClass/your e-mail regularly for course updates and deadlines.
  • Connect + Communicate with your TA/Professor.
  • Patience + Persistence – Be patient when learning how to use new systems such as eClass, and seek help when needed.
  • Participate in online discussion forums/chats (if applicable)!