Current Fully Online Courses


ARTH 3710 6.00 – Memory & Place

Course director: Shelley Hornstein
Course description: How do places contribute to shaping memory? What is it about objects, art and architecture, for example, that seem to capture memory? Why are certain places meaningful and others less so? This course explores objects and ideas all the while embedded in history to better formulate a notion of the power of place and its relationship to memory.



FILM 1701 3.00 – Hollywood: Old and New

Course director: Gillian Helfield
Course description: Offers a fully online introductory course that provides Web-based delivery of lectures, discussion groups and screenings. Key concepts in critical film analysis will be introduced and important themes in American film history will be examined.



FILM 1900 3.00 – Anatomy of the Feature Film

Course director: Gillian Helfield
Course description: Investigates the creative, technical and financial aspects of feature filmmaking, and the specific roles of the personnel involved, from the screenplay development through all the stages of production and release, with particular attention to cinema as a multi-disciplinary art form. No pre-requisites.Partially online (blended) course. Not open to film majors.



MUSI1530 Rock Popular Music

MUSI 1530 6.00 – Rock and Popular Music

Course director: Matt Vander Woude
Course description: Explores in-depth the range of Euro-American popular musics as well as some styles of British popular music that have come into existence since the end of World War II. All styles and genres are studied from both a musicological and sociological perspective. The reading of the various texts (i.e., pieces of music) that make up the core content of the course are informed by such key issues as subculture, transculturation, political economy, the rise of the mass media (including music video), new technologies (including sampling), urbanization and gender. Particular attention is paid to the interplay of both black and white sacred and secular cultures that has so richly informed the development of much of this music. Designed for students not majoring or minoring in Music. Prerequisite: None.



PANF 1800 6.00 – Biology of Story

Course director: Amnon Buchbinder
Course description: How do writers, filmmakers, and other creators go about finding and shaping the stories they tell? In what ways are the patterns of story woven into our lives, our society, our world? Or are we and our world woven by the patterns of story? Biology of Story is a 24-week, largely asynchronous, fully online course. Proceeding from the practical insights of those who tell stories in many forms, the course will also explore the growing use of narrative in a wide range of fields towards rethinking social and institutional assumptions and releasing human potential. Open to non-majors.

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THEA 3135 3.00 – Technology in Arts Management

Course director: Ian Garrett
Course description: Trains students to use current technologies to mange both production and their own careers. Students will be introduced to the fundamental concepts and uses of many computer programs and protocols that will be helpful for furthering themselves in their professions. Students will learn the basic skills needed to establish a web presence for information distribution and self promotion, familiarize themselves with best practices and operation of databases to better manage and record information, and work with common graphic design and presentation software to create more effective and clear documentation.