AMPD eLearning Teaching Award

Every year AMPD acknowledges the contributions of faculty members developing new and exciting learning opportunities for students though digital projects, blended and online courses.


Amnon Buchbinder, Cinema & Media Arts

Online course: The Biology of Story

“Amnon’s innovative approach and enthusiastic embrace of eLearning is a model and inspiration for others.”
– Katherine Knight, Associate Professor, Visual Art & Art History

“In all of my years in post secondary education, as a student, Teaching Assistant and instructor, I have yet to witness another eLearning environment capable of producing an experience of learning flow that was as genuine and engaging as Professor Buchbinder’s Biology of Story course.”
– Morgan Fics, Teaching Assistant

2015 - 2016

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Professor Katherine Knight (left) and Associate Dean Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt

Katherine Knight, Visual Arts & Art History

Blended courses: Critical Issues in the Studio, The Photographic Experience

“Katherine has recognized that the proliferation of digital image making is creating a demand in our students for a new kind of learning experience that addresses the digital, not just as a tool in photography but as a tool for learning. […] At the core of her approach is her dedication to critical thinking and her love of image making.”
– Brandon Vickerd, Chair, Visual Art & Art History

“Her intelligent customization of Moodle to support a positive learning environments should be recognized for its innovation and effectiveness.”
– Judith Schwarz, Professor, Visual Art & Art History

Gillian Helfield, Cinema & Media Arts

Online course: Hollywood: Old and New

“Professor Helfield’s experience teaching online, her willingness to experiment and share the results with faculty, staff and students have already made an impact and we look forward to her ongoing contributions as we continue to develop a culture for eLearning in AMPD, and at York University.”
– Michael Longford, Associate Professor, Digital Media

“The course interface is attractive and inviting, but as important, or indeed more so, the design is logical, engaging, and informative.”
– Celia Popovic, Director, Teaching Commons


2013 - 2014

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Shelley Hornstein, Visual Art & Art History

Online course: Memory and Place 

“This clear-eyed synthesis of teaching, learning and scholarship is the model we must embrace going forward as we develop e-learning initiatives at York and I am thankful that Professor Hornstein provides us with such a shining exemplar of what can be achieved.”
– Sarah Parsons, Chair, Visual Art & Art History

“The course is beautifully designed, intellectually engaging and well researched with a lot of new material she has written and presents herself. Professor Hornstein has been a pioneer in e-teaching.”
– Janet Jones, Associate Professor, Visual Art and Art History



Bridget Cauthery, Dance

Blended course: Dance, Film, and Culture

“Dr. Cauthery’s bold vision for bringing critical issues in dance studies to a broad audience in accessible blended learning environment is a fresh and exciting venture for the department. Rising to the challenge of learning and integrating new media, she shines in making the tools complement her highly engaging and collaborative teaching style. Her innovative work is both an inspiration to the evolution of the Dance Department and to the hundreds of students with whom she connects, near and far.”
– Julie-Anne Higgins, Lecture Assistant

“The blended use of technology in the course was quite seamless and provided me with not only an efficient learning experience, but also a valuable and enjoyable one at that.”
– Karen Keung, Student