Many people have contributed to eLearning @ AMPD, including students, staff and faculty. Together we are building a community of practice dedicated to ensuring engaged learning environments integrating technology in the classroom and online.

Nancy Asiamah-Yeboah

Video production, AMPD

Nancy received her BFA in Film Production with a minor in Computational Arts and Technology at York in Spring 2017. While at York, she took a number of eLearning courses to help balance her schedule as she specialized in sound mixing on location and sound design in post-production. Nancy assists with AMPD and AIF’s video production where she puts her knowledge of camera, lighting, audio, and visual effects into play.

Reiner Bello

Video production, AMPD

Reiner received his MFA in Film Production at York University and his BA in Film and Theatre at the University of Winnipeg. His short film Roof Jumpers was a finalist in the inaugural CBC Short Film Competition. Reiner assists with AMPD and AIF’s video production, which includes pre-production, studio lighting, filming (in-studio and on location), and post-production (editing, graphic animation).

Amnon Buchbinder

Associate Professor, Cinema & Media Arts

Amnon Buchbinder has been teaching in the Department of Film (now CMA) since 1995, playing a major role in developing the department’s screenwriting program and its studio curriculum. Amnon Buchbinder’s course The Biology of Story is fully online and features material from his interactive documentary project. He is a filmmaker and author whose research is presently focused on the development of a new theory of story and anti-story in art and life. Other recently completed projects include the hybrid myth/fiction/autobiography film Travelling Medicine Show and the novel Mortal Coil. Amnon’s book Way of the Screenwriter was published by House of Anansi Press in 2005 and has been widely acclaimed by working screenwriters.

Bridget Cauthery

Contract Faculty, Dance

Dr. Bridget Cauthery is a dance and cultural studies scholar focusing on the impact of post/neo-coloniality and the processes of globalization on contemporary and popular dance practices in the Global North. In 2016 she was the recipient of a twelve-month research leave to complete the manuscript for her forthcoming book Choreographing the North (McGill-Queens University Press) that examines eleven contemporary dance works from the northern and southern hemispheres that take the North as their source and inspiration.  In 2015 Bridget received Academic Innovation funding for a new blended learning course that uses social media to manufacture undergraduate student engagement in critical theory.  In 2014 Bridget won the inaugural AMPD eLearning Teaching Award for her course Dance, Film & Culture.  Since 2008 she has been lecturing in the Dance Department at York University and in the Theatre School at Ryerson University and was appointed to York’s Faculty of Graduate Studies in 2014.

Stacy Denton

Sessional Assistant Professor, AMPD

For close to a decade, Stacy has implemented eLearning in her interdisciplinary course development and pedagogy for both face-to-face and blended classrooms. At York University, Stacy teaches blended art history courses including Contemporary Art, Art of the 1960s, Bawdy Images/Body Theory, Art in Crisis, and Art Institutions. She also continues to implement elearning principles in her more traditional face-to-face courses in academic writing and communication studies.


Caitlin Fisher

Associate Professor, Cinema & Media Arts

Caitlin Fisher’s primary research investigates the future of narrative through explorations of interactive storytelling and interactive cinema in Augmented Reality environments. Current research interests also include digital archiving, lifelogging, data visualization and experimental game structures for storytelling. Professor Fisher was awarded a Canada Research Chair in Digital Culture in 2004. She is a co-founder of the Future Cinema Lab, dedicated to the exploration of new stories for new screens, and director of the Augmented Reality Lab in the Faculty of Fine Arts at York. In the AR Lab, she is working to construct and theorize spatial narrative environments and build expressive software tools for artists.

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Ian Garrett

Associate Professor, Theatre

Ian Garrett is designer, producer, educator, and researcher in the field of sustainability and technology in arts and culture. His fully online courses utilize YouTube videos for course lectures and Slack messenger for discussion. Ian is the co-founder and director of the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts (CSPA), a leader in the conversation on sustainability and the arts. Before joining the faculty at York his arts administration background included working with the LA Stage Alliance, The CalArts School of Theatre, and Fresh Arts Coalition and as a trustee with DanceUSA.

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David G

David Gelb

Associate Professor, Department of Design

David Gelb is a co-lead of eLearning @ AMPD with Judith Schwarz and Michael Longford supported by the Academic Innovation Fund at York University. David’s research is focused on both design and education. His pedagogic work examines the way that participatory technologies augment design learning with particular emphasis on artefact collaboration and building design knowledge. His practice includes interactive design, user-centered research methods and mobile interface design. David’s current teaching includes a range of interactive, research methods and motion design courses at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Brian Grosskurth

Associate Professor, Visual Art & Art History

Brian’s research focuses on modern and contemporary art history and theory. His current research interests includes work on contemporary art and philosophy, contemporary public sculpture and the relations between the arts during the Romantic era. His blended course 19th Century Western Art features face-to-face lectures with Moodle as the subsidiary online component for teacher-student communication.

Tim Hampton

Director of Computing Services, AMPD

Tim joined York University in 1994 and then AMPD in 2002. While at Atkinson, Tim was in charge of the infrastructure in support of online learning and a member of the York TEL committee which explored online learning from an instructor’s pedagogical perspective. In recent years, AMPD Computing has been central to the delivery of Moodle support as well as media production for online courses.

Lillian Heinson

Instructional Technology Coordinator, AMPD

Lillian joined the Computing team in 2010. She provides assistance for instructors in preparing their online/blended courses as well as technical support. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat n

Gillian Helfield

Contract Faculty, Cinema & Media Studies

Dr. Gillian Helfield is a lecturer specializing in Film and Television Studies, National Cinemas and Humanities at York University in Toronto. Other areas of interest include, Cultural Studies, Diasporic and Exilic Cinemas, and Rural Cinema.

Currently Dr. Helfield is involved in developing and designing large-enrolment online courses for higher education. She is the recipient of the 2015-2016 AMPD eLearning Award for her course Hollywood: Old and New, which received funding from the Government of Ontario’s Shared Online Course Fund.  Her course Cinema and the City received funding from the Academic Innovation Fund, and was YorkU’s nomination for the Brightspace Innovation Award in 2015-2016.

Shelley Hornstein

Associate Professor, Visual Art & Art History

Shelley Hornstein is the recipient of the inaugural 2013-2014 AMPD eLearning Award for her Art History course Memory and PlaceThe course included audio mini lectures, synced with visuals to accompany text-based materials. Her research explores the intersection of memory and place in architectural and urban sites. She is currently working on projects that explore demolition, Google Earth and museums in virtual space, Starlets and Starchitecture, Jewish topographies, and architectural tourism.

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Chris Ironside

Part-time Contract Faculty, Visual Art & Art History

Chris is a Toronto-based artist dealing in the currency of gay images. He draws and photographs, decontextualizes song lyrics and glitters with aplomb. He exhibits his drawings and photographs throughout North America. Recent commissions, publications and exhibitions include Headmaster Magazine, C Magazine, Four Eleven Gallery in Provincetown and the Art on Paper Fair in New York City. In 2017 the Art Gallery of Peterborough will be exhibiting his photo series, Mr. Long Weekend, in a solo show at the gallery. Currently, he teaches photography in the Faculty of Fine Arts at York University.

Sherry Johnson

Associate Professor, Music

Sherry Johnson is a step dancer, fiddler, choreographer, educator and researcher. She is interested in the interrelationships between music and dance in a wide variety of contexts, as well as gender in performance and issues of globalization and technology in relation to vernacular music and dance. She is currently working on a SSHRC-funded project that examines the links between step dancing in various regions in Canada with its antecedents in Britain and Ireland.  Her writing has been published in the Canadian Journal for Traditional MusicAmerican AnthropologistEthnologiesEthnomusicology, and the British Journal of Music Education.

Katherine Knight

Associate Professor, Visual Art & Art History

Katherine Knight is the recipient of the 2015-2016 AMPD eLearning Award for her Visual Arts courses Critical Issues in the Studio and The Photographic Experience. She has converted a number of large format courses from in-person lectures to blended format classes, utilizing Moodle tools such as Gallery, Book, and Journal to engage with her students. Her courses integrate a weekly online classroom that steps students through Reviewing, Reflecting, and Creating.

Katherine’s research and creative work explores the intersection of private and public experience through landscape-based approaches using the still and moving image, often incorporating text and archival material. Through her production company, Site Media Inc., she creates documentary films on leading Canadian artists.

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Leslie Korrick

Associate Professor, Visual Art & Art History

Formerly of the interdisciplinary Fine Arts Cultural Studies program, Faculty of Fine Arts, at York University (1999-2011), Dr. Leslie Korrick is currently an Associate Professor in York’s Department of Visual Art and Art History. She is appointed to the graduate programs in both Art History & Visual Culture and Science & Technology Studies and is a recipient of the Faculty of Fine Arts Senior Teaching Award (2006-2007). Prior to joining York, Dr. Korrick held appointments at the University of Manitoba, Queen’s University, and the Ontario College of Art and Design. Traversing periods and geographies, Dr. Korrick’s research and teaching focus on intersections between the arts; constructions of culture through art forms, architecture, urban spaces, collecting, and display; art-science relations; and sound studies. She is leader of the soundseminar, an inter-university, multi-disciplinary research group of theorist-practitioners exploring sound as a medium of artistic practice and cultural marker, and a member of the editorial collective for InTensions, an e-journal on the theatricality of power and sensory regimes.

Michael Longford

Associate Professor, Computational Arts

Michael Longford is the Director of Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology in the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design. He is a co-lead of eLearning @ AMPD with Judith Schwarz and David Gelb supported by the Academic Innovation Fund at York University. His research interests include the history of early wireless communications in Canada, rich media content development for mobile technologies, and locative media practices. In his creative practice, he has collaborated on a number of projects exploring the ways in which mobile technologies can be used to animate public space.

Natasha May

Educational Developer, Teaching Commons

Natasha is the primary point of contact in the Teaching Commons for the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design. Within her role, she has provided support in pedagogy and the design of courses or modules that involve an eLearning component. Specifically, Natasha has worked with faculty receiving eCampus Ontario and AIF funding. Natasha also oversees the teaching development programs for graduate students in the Teaching Commons and co-teaches a blended course, the EDC accredited Teaching Assistant Certificate in Teaching (TACT).

Zeke Moores

Contract Faculty, Visual Art & Art History

Zeke explores the social and political economies of everyday objects and our complex relationships to them. By relying on traditional and industrial methods of manufacturing, Moores literal and metaphoric “recasts” seemingly unimportant mass-produced objects and everyday commodities; questioning their initial creation and the ideologies behind them. His blended drawing courses are 50% studio based, 50% online content.