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The following information is from Teaching Commons @ York:

Workshops and Courses

eLearning @ York is a series of workshops for course directors who would like to enhance an existing course, or create a new course design. The sessions provide you with through, creative and practical advice for developing your course.

These courses are offered several times per year.  We can also offer specially scheduled or tailored workshops for groups of 6 or more.

Resources Internal to York

The Teaching Commons eLearning Guide guide has been developed to provide extensive information on topics such as backward design, identifying learning outcomes and selecting assessment tasks, choosing modes of course instruction and learning activities, the development of online environments, course evaluation, and examples of blended eLearning courses at York University.

Moodle is York’s Learning Management System (LMS). At Moodle Guides for Instructors, course directors and Teaching Assistants may access information regarding important topics such as online training and documentation, workshops, and frequently asked questions.

Copyright-Update-2014.20.11 contains information regarding  important updates on copyright compliance from the University Copyright Office. It may be of particular assistance in ensuring that course preparation and research activities are completed consistent with copyright requirements.

Provostial Guidelines on the use of online and digital learning materials – November 2014

The Student Guide to eLearning provides advice, resources and information about what to expect in your online course and what you’ll need to be a successful online learner.

Globally Networked Learning (GNL) is a resource presented by Professor Robin Roth from LA&PS, is a method of teaching in which classrooms and instructors from distant locations collaborate with the assistance of technology.

External to York Resources

Quality in eLearning

Tips and tools

Models of eLearning