Pranay Noel

Video production, AMPD Pranay Noel is a filmmaker currently pursuing a BFA in Film Production at York University, specializing in fiction film direction and picture editing. Pranay works with AMDP and AIF’s team in video production and editing.  

Maureen Dorey

Contract Faculty, Screenwriting Maureen Dorey has taught Feature Screenwriting at York since 2010. She is a free-lance story editor, analyst and mentor who helps writers find their voices, shape their stories and renew their inspiration.  Her production credits include: SIDDHARTH, written by Richie Mehta (2013, TIFF Selection, Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay), …

Holly Ward

Assistant Professor, Visual Art & Art History Holly Ward is an interdisciplinary artist working with sculpture, multimedia installation, architecture, video and drawing as a means to examine the role of aesthetics in the formation of new social realities. Stemming from research of various visionary practices such as utopian philosophy, science-fiction literature, visionary architecture, countercultural practices …

Natalie Almosa

Graphic Design, AMPD Natalie Almosa is a graphic designer currently studying towards a Bachelors Degree at York University and Sheridan College’s joint program in Graphic Design (YSDN). Specializes in web design, print work, illustration, and typography. Natalie assists with AMPD and AIF’s eLearning team by providing visuals to support faculty and students in the department.