Pranay Noel

Video production, AMPD Pranay Noel is a filmmaker currently pursuing a BFA in Film Production at York University, specializing in fiction film direction and picture editing. Pranay works with AMDP and AIF’s team in video production and editing.  

Natalie Almosa

Graphic Design, AMPD Natalie Almosa is a graphic designer currently studying towards a Bachelors Degree at York University and Sheridan College’s joint program in Graphic Design (YSDN). Specializes in web design, print work, illustration, and typography. Natalie assists with AMPD and AIF’s eLearning team by providing visuals to support faculty and students in the department.

Brett Thompson

Web Developer, AMPD A Web Developer with 8 years expertise, Brett fuses his unique combination of design and production skills with his training in web development to build and implement successful websites. With a solid understanding of what’s possible online, Brett is uniquely placed to guide AMPD toward practical and viable web strategies. A York …

Natasha May

Educational Developer, Teaching Commons

Natasha is the Educational Developer in the Teaching Commons who is the main point of contact for the School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design. Within her role, she has provided support in pedagogy and the design of courses or modules that involve an eLearning component.

Tim Hampton

Director of Computing Services, AMPD

Tim joined York University in 1994 and then AMPD in 2002. While at Atkinson, Tim was in charge of the infrastructure in support of online learning and a member of the York TEL committee which explored online learning from an instructor’s pedagogical perspective. In recent years, AMPD Computing has been central to the delivery of Moodle support as well as media production for online courses.